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AmericasMoneyChoice.com does not assume consumer debt, make payments to creditors or offer tax, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice. Nor does it offer credit repair services. If you choose to work with one of our debt relief providers, they will supply a proposal for debt relief services and will likely charge a fee for these services. By submitting your information, you agree to be contacted by our debt relief providers licensed in your state via phone, text messaging and/or email.

Providing your information on this web site does not guarantee approval for debt relief services. Debt Settlement companies, by law, may not be charge you any fee until a debt settlement is arranged on your behalf, you approve the settlement, and at least one payment is made towards the settlement. Not all debtors are able to complete debt relief programs for various reasons, including their ability to save enough funds. Debt relief services could negatively impact your credit and may result in legal action against you by creditors or collectors for unpaid balances.

Please read and understand all program materials prior to enrolling, including potential adverse impact of credit rating. Please contact a tax professional to discuss tax consequences of settlement. Debt relief services are not available in all states and fees will vary from state to state.

What Does Americas Choice Do?


Without question one of the largest and most important purchases you will make in your life time will be a home purchase. That said, the process of buying a home itself can get you flustered, and that's normal, but it doesn't have to be hard. Our goal at Americas Mortgage Choice is to provide you with choices. We provide you with the ability to choose the right home finanacing plan with the mortgage lender that best fits your needs and situation. Being prepared is the key to finding the best fit for you whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a pro.

Do you already have a home loan? No problem! Americas Mortgage Choice can help you refinance your mortgage and save serious cash!

In just minutes you will start recieving offers from our trusted lenders. You will never be obligated nor will you ever encounter hidden fees. We've worked hard to ensure that getting and comparing quotes from Americas Mortgage Choice is the best choice you can make when starting your financing journey.
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Starting and mainting a new business is one of the cornerstones of the American Dream. That's why we at Americas Funding Choice have worked very hard to streamline the process of finding a business loan.

Getting a small busiess loan isn't as easy as just walking into the local bank and magically securing funding. There are a variety of business loans with a variety of requirements. Why make it more difficult on yourself than it needs to be?

Fill out Americas Funding Choice quote form and we'll be happy to match you with lending choices that best fit your needs.

If your business needs a quick injection of cash, be sure to include Americas Funding Choice in the process!

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In our adult lives, debt is almost as inevitable as death and taxes. At Americas Debt Choice we have three goals for you.

  • Less Stress
    Well thats easy to say right? Less stress while you are swimming in debt sounds like magical-thinking at this point, right? Wrong. There is no more managing 30 different bills and trying to maintain your minimum payments while not paying down the principle loans. With Debt Consolidation you will have just one bill to pay. One bill to manage.
  • Save YouMoney
    Smart debt consolidationi involves making smart money moves. Like choosing a financial product with a lower interest rate than the debt you currently have. Interest is what you payback long term and not actually counted towards your principle loan amount. It saves money on the horendous late fees, missed payment penalties and other consequences with difficult to manage debt.
  • Build Your Credit
    If you are financing your debt consolidation you are going to noice that almost instantly you will see boost to your credit score. This happens because your overall credit limit raises as your credit utilization ratio drops. As long as you do not rack up more debt and are current on your debt consolidation loans you will see increase after increase to your credit score as time goes on.

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Personal loans are unsecured loans that can be used to pay for just about anything you need.

Unsecured loans are different from secured loans in that you are not required to have collateral (like your car or maybe even your home). Instead a Personal loan is backed simple by your promise to repay. When seeking to qualify for a personal loan, lenders look at your Credit Score, your Income as well as other debts you alreday have.

Lenders evaluate your situation and creditworthiness and based on that determines your interest rate, loan type and length of the loan. Get lenders to compete for your loan.

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One of the more inevidable and/or predictable parts of securing home loans is that your lender will likely require you to carry homeowners insurance. It's a good idea anyway. Homeowners insurance is designed to protect everyone involved (lenders and homeowners alike) in the even of a natural disaster or other damages.

It may or may not shock you that not all homeowners insurance products are created equal. Getting the best corverage for the best available rates used to require you to bounce around from company to company for quotes. Not any more!

With Americas Insurance Choice we will have the insruance companies come to you, at NO charge!!

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